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Why choose Us

Over 20 Years of Experience

In 2000 our centre became an academic department within the school of languages.


At the end of course you will get the certificate and valuable skills and experience.

Exclusive Learning Materials

Our learning materials include text with multimedia on all areas of the curriculum.

Friendly Learning Environment

Our method based on learning a language in a friendly and open atmosphere.

Career Upgrade

Learning a new language is a fascinating thing that can lead to great opportunities.

Professional Teachers

Our team consist of high-quality and certified teachers with big experience.

Intensive English Program

for International Students

Our Instructors

Meet the Team
Susan Matthews

Susan Matthews

English and Russian
William Stanley

William Stanley

German and Spanish
Barbara Russell

Barbara Russell

Chinese and Greek
Brandon Martin

Brandon Martin

Italian and French
Client 6
Client 5
Client 4
Client 3
Client 2
Client 1