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Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) cum Confidentiality Agreement

Scope of Work involved in the Transaction for the Summer Camp Course:

1. The roles of the Receiving Party is herein detailed below & that the Disclosing Party expects a best-in-class service to be rendered in a bonafide manner for the Summer Camp Course.

a) General:
i. This document is not to contradict any personal teaching style or approach you have. But adherence to these instructions will assure improved online teaching and learning experience for students participating in the Summer Camp Course.
ii. Teachers shall participate in meetings, workshops, webinars, training session etc. for the Summer Camp Course as and when announced & organised by Disclosing Party (‘Scadoosh’)

b) Technical :
i. Teachers shall use Desktop/Laptop for conducting the class ( Teachers are expected to keep mobile as backup device in case any of the device failure during the session in progress)
ii. Teachers shall ensure High Speed Internet ( keep a backup internet, in case WiFi fails during the session in progress)
iii. Teachers shall try and test all technology prior to the start of the course and ensure any issues are resolved and you are comfortable with the platforms.

c) Conduct of the Course/ Session
i. Teachers shall be solely responsible for managing and teaching the class from start to finish and shall be available for the entire duration of the course time.
ii. Teachers shall follow the Summer Camp Course schedule as established and published by Scadoosh.
iii. Teachers shall agree to conduct the session within the scheduled time frame
iv. Teachers shall dress professionally as per their ethnic choices
v. Teachers shall extend a warm welcome and encourage all learners and greet the students in a friendly manner and establish a connect by addressing them by their names to create an atmosphere of joyful learning over fearful learning.
vi. Teachers shall provide equal attention and opportunity for all my students
vii. Teachers shall ensure the medium of instruction will be in English (unless the course demands otherwise)
viii. Teachers shall notify Disclosing Party (Scadoosh) admin team if unable to log in to the course on time
ix. Teachers shall always be seated under Good lighting environment and use a clear, neat background or use ‘Scadoosh’ virtual background and focus on the camera to provide clear visibility to the learners / participants
x. Teachers shall use ‘Scadoosh’ logo/slides for PPT or any presentation
xi. Teachers shall communicate the “prerequisites for the Summer Camp course” clearly in the app as well as before the session begins

d) Documentation
i. Teachers shall not communicate with students/ learners / participants outside of the ‘Scadoosh’ platform
ii. Teachers shall not share contact details or collect any contact details from my students/ learners / participants in any manner without the explicit authorisation of Disclosing Party
iii. Teachers shall maintain a record of student/learner/participant attendance for each session and communicate the same to Disclosing Party (‘Scadoosh’) at the end of each session
iv. Teachers explicitly accord their consent to Disclosing Party (‘Scadoosh’) to record the sessions and use it to map internal quality standards and monitoring purposes
v. Teachers shall share any course related document, video, audio, images, etc. to the students through ‘Scadoosh’ platform ONLY vi. Teachers will indemnify Scadoosh against any claims arising from use of students’ personal data or any third party IPR.
vii. Teachers will not use or make visible or mention in any manner whatsoever, any Trademarks; works of others during your Sessions.

e) Consideration
i. Disclosing Party has currently announced a basic consideration agreed as per mutual understanding for the services provided by the Receiving Party within the platform provided by the Disclosing Party (‘Scadoosh’)
ii. Disclosing Party also Incentivises Receiving Party the amount agreed as per mutual understanding per session for completion of 100% on time session timing. (incentives don’t get applied even if one session is delayed)
iii. Summer Camp Course session cancellation needs a minimum of 48 hrs. notice to Disclosing Party before the commencement of the session time. However, Non Payment of consideration is applicable in the following scenario.
1. Session cancellation by the Receiving Party within 48 hrs of commencement of session

f) Information Disclosure

i. Receiving Party confirms that all the personal information provided is to the best of their knowledge in a bonafide manner without any prejudice & intention of wilful misrepresentation.
ii. Receiving Party explicitly agree to share the contact information including name, residence address, email IDs, landline number, mobile number, WhatsApp number, correct bank account details to Disclosing Party (‘Scadoosh’) for the purpose of transactions & documentation

g) Dispute Resolution
i. The courts of competent jurisdiction at Bangalore shall have exclusive jurisdiction to determine any and all disputes arising out of, or in connection with, the Scadoosh