5 reasons why you should choose Scadoosh to find the best courses for children

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5 reasons why you should choose Scadoosh to find the best courses for children

One only needs to glance at the clock striking four to bring back joyous memories from childhood. It meant school was over and playtime was afoot. Right from running straight to the cricket ground to claim rights on the pitch to stealing chalk pieces to outline boxes for hopscotch, we’ve been there, done that. Our days were filled with learning and evenings were filled with activities, there was always so much to do.

Cut to today, your children come home from school late, they seem to have a giant pile of homework everyday with extra tuition classes scheduled. Finding engaging courses for children is nothing short of a nightmare given the traffic situation and add to that a global pandemic, their extra-curricular development has come to a screeching halt.

What can you do to ensure your children are learning essential life skills whilst keeping up with fast-paced academic growth? You can enrol them into online learning platforms like Scadoosh to ensure that extra curricular learning doesn’t take a back seat. Give your children the opportunity to choose from a range of courses and learn hands-on with live engagement classes. If you’re looking for the best course for children, here’s why you should choose Scadoosh –

1. Netflix of learning

With a range of courses to choose from, Scadoosh is the Netflix of learning. The platform offers affordable monthly plans that include unlimited courses. Children have the freedom to choose whichever courses Why limit your children’s interests when they want to learn it all?

2. Affordable Pricing

A typical extra curricular activity would cost an average of INR 3000-4000 per month. Scadoosh offers great monthly plans starting from INR 2333 per month with the option of learning unlimited courses for children. That’s uninterrupted learning with money saved.

3. Range of Courses

Scadoosh offers a wide range of courses to choose from that might not be easily available otherwise. There are over 75 courses that span cooking, clay modelling, and embroidery to Kathak, Jazz and even German courses. Some of the unique courses include cement art, vedic math, and stippling. The courses are fun and innovative, specifically designed for whole-round development.

4. Convenience

With an easy-to-use interface, Scadoosh’s online learning platform is accessible on-the-go. No more missed classes because you’re busy, children can log in during their chosen hours and engage in classes without any logistical hassles. The all-in-one platform helps you manage everything from payments, to shortlisting courses and scheduling classes. All the learning happens on the app with seamless video integrations. That’s convenience without ever having to leave the platform.

5. Trained Teachers

All teachers on the Scadoosh platform are skilled and trained to engage with children effectively. All the classes are held live to ensure maximum engagement and an interactive learning process. Children have access to skilled teachers across India for productive sessions. Skilled teachers are also complemented by advanced AI and machine learning algorithms that provide best recommendation ensuring student success.

Ultimately, Scadoosh is the perfect platform to ensure your children strike a healthy balance between academics and extra curricular activities.

To know more about the wide range of classes Scadoosh offers, download the Scadoosh app from the Google PlayStore or visit our website for more information.

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